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In this creative writing course we will be focusing on character development. This includes discussing protagonists versus antagonists and the significance of anti-heroes in many forms of media. The main writing project for this course is a story where the main character is the villain. Students will learn how to establish a villain for their story including a solid motive and backstory, and learn how to get inside of their character’s head.

Week 1

  • Introducing protagonist vs antagonist

    • Introducing different types of characters with different points of view

    • Brainstorming for the main project

  • Creating a character (the fun part)

    • Name​

    • Physical Appearance

    • Background

    • Dynamic vs. Static

    • Foil characters

  • Types of Content (Make your story interesting!)​

    • Person vs. Person​

    • Person vs. Society

    • Person vs. The Unknown

    • Person vs. Technology

    • Person vs. Fate/Gods

  • Writing Time​

Week 2

  • Writing Dialogue (This will be fun!)

    • Indentation​

    • Punctuation

    • Dialogue Tags

    • Said is Dead!

  • Flashbacks vs. Foreshadowing​

    • Concrete Foreshadowing​​

    • Prominent Foreshadowing​

    • Evocative Foreshadowing​

    • Abstract Foreshadowing​

    • Fallacy Foreshadowing​

  • Writing Time

Week 3

  • 'To Be' verbs 

    • 'To Be' verbs and Passive Voice)

    • When are 'To Be' verbs used in writing

  • Writing Time​

  • The 7 Types of Imagery

    • Kinesthetic​

    • Olfactory

    • Visual

    • Gustatory

    • Auditory

    • Tactile

    • Organic

  • More Writing Time​

Week 4

  • Emotions - and how to write them

    • Basics​

    • Verbal Emotions

    • Nonverbal Emotions

  • Writing Time​​

  • Rough Drafts

  • Editing and Revising - Fixing things!

  • Writing Time

Week 5

  • Going over teacher’s edits to rough drafts

  • Creating a solid final draft and title

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